Thursday, October 18, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language

We've been doing lots and lots of climbing!

Interactions with Materials
  • Q-ball has really started to like pretend play. The baby doll that Grandma and Grandpa gave her has been spending lots of time on Q-ball's potty.  Q-ball is even making the sign for potty the our verbal cue for pee for the baby.  She also has continued to enjoy the old computer keyboard and mouse that we gave her awhile ago.
  • She has started to enjoy art more. She likes drawing with pens and pencils.  I have not done a good job of setting up an art area, so right now it seems colored pencils are everywhere, so this is certainly in the works for our next home. (Yes- we are moving in just about 2 weeks!)
  • And, of course, we have continued reading!
Interactions with Others
  • Yesterday at a neighborhood playgroup, we had one of our first breakdowns with other children.  Who knew that a slinky was really so cool?  All of the kids wanted it, but the stronger 3-year-old took it from Q-ball.  Many tears and screams ensued.  We eventually got the slinky back, but then it was time to go, and again giving up the slinky to its owner was very, very stressful!  Q-ball was not interested in making friends with any of the other kids involved in this stressful situation.
Critical Thinking
  • She is continuing to practice speaking. She often attempts to imitate words that we say, repeating them over and over.  Additionally, she is clearly interested in new words. If I am reading a book and say a new word, Q-ball will often ask me to stop and repeat that word.
Interactions with Life
  • We (finally) got around to getting Q-ball her own glass cup for drinking during meals.  As she had shown quite a bit of interest in drinking out of a cup, I thought she love it.  However, the novelty quickly wore off, and she began requesting her straw cup.  She has practiced a bit and is getting closer to mastering drinking from a cup.
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  1. I love the climbing photos! Q-ball's language sounds like it's really exploding. That is so much fun to watch! Annabelle has moved from repeating new words to asking what they mean and then repeating the definition. I find the whole thing fascinating!

    I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of weeks. Moving is no small task - especially with a busy toddler! I hope you managed to find a new space that suits you even better than your current one.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts! We've actually decided to downsize a bit and save some money. But, we are excited to try new organization strategies and redecorate. I'm sure I'll post some photos!


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