Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language
Here are Q-ball's 18 month stats:
24.8 lbs, about 65 (up from 23.5 lbs at 13 months)
33 in, about 80 percentile (up from 30.5 in at 13 months)  
She's obviously thinning out!  Her tummy is disappearing before my eyes, and it turns out she even has a neck under the baby fat!

Interactions with Materials
Listening to music at Oktoberfest.

She's starting to model for the camera.
  • I've said before that Q-ball loved books, but in the past two weeks, she has set new reading records.  She has been able to sit and read the same book for 20-30 minutes.  At this time, I'm the one that needs the break, so we move to something different.  But, within a few minutes, she'll want to sit and read another book for just as long!  We've done this several times a day!  In fact, she walked out of storytime while signing "book."  The librarian was saying a few too many nursery rhymes and not reading enough, I guess!
  • We introduced our Autumn sensory  basket with gourds and pinecones, and Q-ball has loved exploring it!

Interactions with Others
    • I think Q-ball has really made some gains with interacting with others. When we are at the library or the park, she always tries to initiate interactions with other little ones by handing them a book or a rock.  She's also much more eager to say hello and approach other little people.  I can't necessarily say the same for adults, but maybe soon.
    • Q-ball is baby crazy!  She started saying "baby" a few days ago, and now says it constantly.  Most books we are reading are about babies, and she loves looking for babies when we go out.  This morning someone passed her and said, "Hello, baby!"  Q-ball started looking about for the baby.  Apparently, the passerby did not realize that Q-ball is a toddler.
    Critical Thinking
    • She seems to really be near a little language explosion. I thinks she's saying a new word every day.  We seem to be up to almost 10 words.
    Interactions with Life 
    • Biggest potty learning success yet happened yesterday! She peed in the potty! She was very excited to get to wipe and flush just like grown-ups. Since this happening, she seems more eager to sit on the potty and keeps looking inside the potty to see if it's full- even if has hasn't been sitting on it...
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    To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


    1. She's growing beautifully! Those intense book reading phases are so impressive, and require so much dedication on the adult's part, hey? I love that she walked out of story time when there wasn't enough reading. That's my kind of kid ;)

      Hooray for potty success! It sounds like following Q-ball's lead is paying off!

    2. It was funny when she walked out of storytime- she did it twice, actually! I directed her back in the first time as the lady was starting to read a book, but we quickly got bored again, and headed for the door. I found her a few minutes later going through the young adult books.


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