Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watch Her Grow- 18 Months!

This Week's Focus: Likes and Dislikes

This past week, Q-ball hit the 18-month milestone!  As usual, we'll be going to the doctor about a week or so after the day, so height and weight info is forthcoming. To celebrate (and to meet my goal of up-dating the baby book...) I thought I'd change up this week's update.  

 We are blessed to have a very happy baby!  I'd plan to list "likes" and "dislikes" today, but I realized that Q-ball pretty much rolls with the punches, and I couldn't think of many dislikes!

Q-ball likes... 
  • Bicycles
  • Airplanes- we just got back from an airplane trip where she was excited to say we were going, "up, up, up!"
  • Any type of moving- dancing, running, jumping
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Pretending to type on keyboard (and sometimes trying to work her way to the actual computer.)
  • Barnum, the cat
  • Nursing (she's gotten quite verbal about this request now, often chanting "" while running around the house)
  • Trains
  • Old MacDonald (she's nearly mastered E-I-E-I-O!)
  • Jokes!  Her personality is really coming out, and she loves playing jokes on us!
  • Roughhousing with Daddy
  • Going to the park, especially if there is a slide!
  • Meat- who knew this vegetarian would have a kid that could probably eat more meat than Daddy!
 We are linking up with Vibrant Wanderings.  See what the other kiddos are up to here! 
To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


  1. These pictures are *so* good! I love that first one especially - girl has a killer smile! Hasn't this been the most fun 18 months of your life? :)

  2. I was very happily surprised with how well our pictures turned out! We kept saying, "our camera just isn't going to do this justice.." But, it did pretty well! And, it's been an amazing 18 months! Hard to imagine life without baby!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from Vibrant Wanderings.
    Oh my gosh! Your sweet girl is so beautiful and joyful. She seems so present and aware at 18 months.
    I love the list of likes! that's a great way to get it all in. It goes so fast and it'll be great to have this to look at.
    My best friend was a vegan who started craving chicken when she was pregnant. Sure enough her daughter was sensitive to soy and loved to eat those chickens.

  4. Thanks for visiting! I love Vibrant Wanderings! About soy sensitivity- isn't it amazing the power a little fetus can have??


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