I am a stay-at home-mama to beautiful Q-ball, born on 29 March 2011. I am a certified teacher who loves to explore child development and learning theories. I work to be a secure base for my family by studying the physical, mental, and emotional development of infants and children.
My Philosophy 
I believe that parenting is the most influential and, consequently, important job in the world.  I believe that parents are responsible for setting a firm foundation for their child by ensuring their child's physical and emotional health, cognitive development, and spiritual well-being.  I believe that being sensitive to your child's needs by serving as a secure base is the best way to foster your child's growth. I believe that it is ultimately up to individual families to decide what parenting methods work best for them.  For us, work by developmental theorists, research-based studies on child well-being, and, most importantly, our instincts more often than not lead us to follow the aspects of responsive or attachment parenting and the educational philosophies of Maria Montessori. We also strive to live as natural as possible- pracitcing breastfeeding, eating organics and fresh food, using cloth diapers, etc. 

To read about where the name for this blog came from, check out this post.

My Goal
I am passionate about learning and educating anyone who is ready to learn. I strive to be a life-long learner and hope to develop this same goal in my child while sharing what I learn with others.  This blog is one method for me to explore and share my findings regarding the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children.

Have a question or comment?
Do you have a question or research suggestion that focuses on parenting or infant development?  Or, do you just have something else to share? Feel free to contact me at mamagatzemeyer at gmail dot com

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