Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy, Independent Activities for a Toddler

I've shared some images of Q-ball's Montessori environment in previous posts.  The materials I have out are typically rotated on a monthly basis, so Q-ball stays rather engaged.  But, there are times when I guide her to other engaging activities so that I can clean, cook, or take a deep breath.  Here are some activities we've tried that have kept her attention, if only for a moment...

1) Felt Board: So simple even I can make it!  Just get a big piece of felt and tack it to the wall.  Using smaller pieces of felt, cut out various shapes.  These shapes magically stick to the big piece of felt! 

2) Sorting: I give Q-ball a colander with small holes and toothpicks.  I model placing the toothpicks into the holes, and then let her take the lead. This activity is excellent for developing fine motor skills.  And, for practicing "clean up" afterwards for any toothpicks that somehow end up all over the floor.

3) Sorting (Take 2): After completing the last activity, Q-ball actually thought of this next one on her own.  She found a box of straws and proceed to drop each straw in a hole in her Learning Tower.  Luckily I noticed rather early on in the box of 50 straws and was able to place a basket beneath the Tower to catch the straws.

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