Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watch Her Grow

This Week's Focus: Language

Interactions with Materials
    • Q-ball has been incredibly interested in using the computer keyboard and mouse.  We really use the computer very little in her presence, but it only took a few observations to make her really want to immediately grab them all the time.  So, care of the thrift shop, she now has her own keyboard and mouse.  She was super, super pumped with this big investment.  
    • She's continued to love listening to music.  But, I returned one of the classical baby CDs to the library and got some more upbeat toddler tunes for a different twist, and she hated it!  She was crying and yelling at the CD player and manically making the sign for "music."  So, we quickly traded that CD for some gentle guitar songs. 
    • She is also really enjoying working with simple puzzles.  She has points of frustration, but she's been able to work through them.
    Interactions with Others
    • It seemed as though she had come out of her shell a bit with other adults after Grandma and Grandpa's trip.  But, in the past few days, she seems to have closed herself off again.  Even poor Daddy was greeted with tears when he came home!
    Interactions with Space
    • Her desire to climb onto everything has continued. She also likes to climb out of things- especially her booster chair!  Mealtimes have gotten quite short as she's decided she likes to eat most of her food on the run.
    • She can now reach the doorknobs and open doors!  We'll see how this goes...
    • And, Q-ball climbed all the way to the top of the twirly slide at the park and then pretty much threw herself down the slide.  This even took Mama by surprise!
    Interactions with Life 
      • Yesterday she figured out how to take a bite off of a banana vs. eating the pieces that Mama gives her.  She thought it was very, very funny and laughed after every bite.
      • We have had a few more potty successes, but are still certainly in early learning.
      • Daddy is very happy that his daughter is not following in Mama's footsteps and has loved eating meat!  She loves natural hams and even ground beef!

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      1. Oh, my, it sounds like you have entered a very busy stage that will require a whole lot of vigilance. It's exciting, but ... peace be with you! ;) I felt so much pride at seeing Annabelle master things like doorknobs, but that adds a whole new list of things one can potentially worry about, too.

        I love the photo - Q-ball really does look thrilled with that keyboard and mouse! Love the bit about laughing at her own ability to take bites from a whole banana, too. That must have been good fun for you, too!

        I really love these, so thanks for linking up :)

      2. Thank you! I've really loved following A and the other kids as well!


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