Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Language

Interactions with Materials
  • Q-ball is starting to be able to sit and look through a book on her own and "read" it aloud.  Before she always wanted someone else to read the book to her.
  • She is starting to really clean up- i.e., throw small items around the house into the trash can.  We are looking for an alternative.
  • She is also really starting to be drawn to stuffed animals.  She loves seeing them at the library and playing with Mama's old stuffed animals.
  • She has again discovered the cats' tent and runs around the house with it on her head. 
Interactions with Others
  • She had an excellent time last week with Grandma and Grandpa and her Aunt!  She quickly adjusted to them and especially loved being spoiled.  She was soon sitting in their laps, letting them pick her up, and even going out alone with them!  What fun!
Interactions with Space
  • Q-ball is still dancing and running all over the place.  She is also trying to start climbing up chairs and bookcases. 
Interactions with Life 
Longest wait ever....
  • We are still working on new signs.  Q-ball was finally able to practice "rain" with real rain vs. rain in a book.  She immediately recognized it, and even asked Mama and Daddy if "rain" is "water".
  • She says "bye" whenever we leave the a place or hang up the phone.  She also always tells Daddy "bye" at bedtime and bath time. 
  • Small successes with potty learning.  She makes the sign for "pee" and will typically go within the next 10 minutes.  But, we still need to practice being on the potty at this time. 
  • Q-ball is very good at helping Mama unpack the groceries.  It's actually quite amazing to see that she knows where most items go and will put them up with little help from me, as long as they don't go in the refrigerator (which she can't open.)  But, I can't decide if learning to gently unload beer bottles is a lesson for someone this age...
    Do you have hints for getting an attached 14-month old to stay with an alternate caretaker? 

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    1. How cool that she made the rain/water connection! It's so fun to watch early "reading" unfold, too. Q-ball is in such an exciting stage and you're awesome at capturing it!

    2. Great post- isn't it just amazing how smart toddlers are?! Thanks for entering my giveaway- glad to connect with you!


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