Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watch Her Grow

This Week's Foci: Language

Interactions with Materials
    • We did major toy rotation this week, so Q-ball's area was all so interesting for her!  She loved exploring a wooden bus, the Montessori-inspired coin bucket, and a seashell. (More info on Monday about our new materials!)
    Interactions with Others
      • It's been about 8 weeks since we have tried to leave Q-ball in the nursery during church.  Currently, Daddy is staying with her to prevent any major breakdowns. (There are still breakdowns, even with him there.)  She still starts screaming or tenses up when she sees the caretaker.  Maybe one day!
      Interactions with Space
      • Q-ball is almost tall enough now to sit her the chairs she got for her birthday without help. (Although, she always seems to prefer help right now...)They grow so fast!
      Interactions with Life 

      Corn on the cob- great for teething! And, she was super excited when she figured out the "right" way to eat it!

      • We are still trying potty learning.  Right now, I just have her diaperless for about 1-3 hours a day, depending on our schedule.  So far, no luck on my part to "catch" any pee, despite lots of reading on the potty. She seems to stand up right before she pees every time!
      • Again, it is amazing to see her ability to recognize the world around her.  She has loved the snoring sound when we see "ZZZZ" in books.  This week she pointed to the word "zoo" and made her version of snoring.  I would have never imagined! 
      • And, she is really exploring her sign language now.  In addition to demanding to go "outside" all day, she always wants to see "butterflies."  I've also been impressed about the ability to recognize "water" in various forms- from a house, in her cup, in a river.  It's amazing that babies can identify the items, despite the different uses.
        Do you have hints for getting an attached 14-month old to stay with an alternate caretaker? 

        I always fail to mention, but I always link this post up with Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings. Check out the links to see what other fantastic kiddos are up to!
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