Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Language and Practical Life

Interactions with Materials
  • We've given her two of her own "tick-tock's" (Mama's old watches..) that she loves wearing.
  • Daddy gave her a new wooden car after her last one lost its back wheels in accident.  She loves "vrooommmming...!" with it and even took a nap holding it!
  • I work very hard to not use the computer in front of Q-ball, but sometimes there is actual work to be done, so I give her a little book and some to "write" (we are not actually marking on pages yet.) with.  She's started to love this ritual and has asked to do it even when I'm not at the desk.
So much to choose from!
Interactions with Others
  • The transition to the church nursery has continued to not happen.  This week Daddy stayed with her again to ensure she'd feel comfortable in the space and with the teacher, but I've been told there were still lots and lots of tears.  
  • She loves sitting in Mama and Daddy's lap.
Interactions with Space
  • She has been signing "music" quite often and enjoys dancing and jumping to the tunes.
  • She loves being outside!  She will sign "outside" pretty much continually throughout the day or just point to the door and say, "eh, eh, eh!"  
  • And, while we were outside, we took our first major stumble.  I won't go into details so that grandparents don't worry too much, but you may notice some scabs in upcoming photos.
Interactions with Life 
    • The past few meals, I've given Q-ball an actual plate vs. a plate made for toddlers.  It's just the bread plate that matches our dinnerware.  So far, I think it's actually helped with eating. I didn't like the other plate for meals (I do like it for snacks.) because it had a tall rim that Q-ball couldn't see over.  Thus, she didn't even know she had food to eat!  I'm sure something will break at some point, but who hasn't broken a glass?
    • We made great strides in cleaning up this week.  Q-ball has gotten much better at returning one book before reading another.  Also, when she drops something now she makes her own attempt at "uh-oh" and wants to clean it up.
    • Tough few days of sleep.  I think that she's been making some major advances in language, so perhaps it's keeping her up.  Every day she seems to recognize a new word!
    To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


    1. I bet she has been thrilled to have her own watch! Annabelle has been asking for one, too :) We do the bread plate as toddler plate, too - such a great size for small hands!

      I hope you're both catching up on sleep!

    2. I love the idea of her writing in her book with her watch on! Hope you are getting sleep.


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