Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Language and Life Skills

Interactions with Materials
  • She's continuing to work very hard on her stacking tree.  She's gotten quite good, although the concepts of placing the rings in any sort of order are a little out of her grasp.
  • It's amazing to see how much she notices in the world.  When we read books now, she points out small details in the pictures- toys that she also has or recognizes- that I wouldn't have even noticed!
  • She really loves pretending to drink from cups.  She takes a big sip and says "ahhhhhhh..."

Interactions with Others
  • I think we are going through another separation anxiety phase. In the past week, I noticed she was more anxious around people at the park and very clingy to me during swimming lessons, even though she used to be quite comfortable with the coach.
    Interactions with Space
    • She's been doing interpretive style dancing and twirling around the house and especially when we are outside. One of her moves reminds me of the "fat man in a little coat" Chris Farley clip as we kinda have a tubby toddler.
    • She's started some initial jumping on her bed!  I haven't done anything about it yet- I was going to see if natural consequences would work themselves out.

    Interactions with Life 
    • We are continuing to practice cleaning up.  Some days we have successes, some days we just keep modeling the behavior!
    • She is doing well in her booster seat.  We haven't introduced a "grown up" plate yet, but she enjoys using her silverware (we actually found a very reasonably priced mini-set of silverware at REI in the camping section!  They are perfect!) and uses the same place mat as Mama and Daddy.  So far, much less clean up than with the high chair!
    • She has started to want to "get ready" just like Mama and in the mornings.  So, I give her some old make-up brushes, and she loves it!
    To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!

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    1. The interpretive dance sounds like quite a lot of fun! Q-ball is lucky to have a mom who is in tune with her enough to notice and respond when she's having a bit of extra separation anxiety. It's funny what a push and pull that can be! One of the best examples of how development is not always linear.

      I love finding child-sized items in surprising places. I never would have thought to look for children's dishes with camping gear, but that makes total sense. How perfect!


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