Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watch Her Grow

This Week's Foci: Language and Practical Life

Interactions with Materials
  • It seemed Q-ball's favorite reading materials this week were the catalogs that came in the mail.  She especially like the REI catalog as it had a picture of a car and a family with bicycles.
  • Like many children this age, she really is enjoying taking the tops on and off of anything. I haven't established a formal basket to allow her to practice, but it seems unnecessary at times as she is finding the objects throughout the house and practicing with them.
  • We also have a large cup full of pens and markers, and she spends a great deal of time taking the pens out and putting them back in.
Interactions with Others
  • She seems to be trying to interact with other children her age more than before.  We'll see if this happens.
  • She's getting closer and closer to catching Bailey- our not as friendly with baby cat!  She's trying as hard as she can.  
  • And, her friendship with our nice, fat cat is continuing to blossom, bless his heart....she runs up to him yelling, "ba, ba, ba!" and then slaps him or pulls his tail.  She also knows that he will chase after string, so she shows him a piece of string and then runs away, hoping he'll follow her.
    Interactions with Space
      • She keeps practicing her dancing.  Her favorite move is one in which she seems to be running in place. 
      • She is getting in lots of practice opening and closing doors and drawers.  She now recognizes these verbs and loves to have me give the command and then act.
      Interactions with Life 

        • Yesterday Q-ball met her potty!  We are taking a slow approach to potty learning, and I'm sure that I will share our experiences as we go.  So far, however, it's an awesome chair for reading.
        • We have finally succeeded in a regular snack time.  I've been working to get Q-ball to eat more solids so that we are not nursing every hour.  She eats tons of solids now...but, I can't say that we are nursing that much less!
        • The floor bed is still working well.  She certainly no longer has a desire to put herself to sleep, but she is clearly comfortable on it, and on some mornings, she'll just hop out of bed and come into our room for the day.
        To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!

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