Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Language
Sorry no photo this week-- the camera hasn't been charged in quite awhile...but I'm charging it now!

Interactions with Materials
    • Q-ball continued to work to be like Mama this week- she always pushes the laundry basket too and from the washer and dryer, she "swept" the back porch, and she is getting very good at "applying" eye shadow!
    • We have a plastic cup that has a straw you can remove- the top has the small whole in which to put the straw.  Q-ball has been very focused the past few weeks on getting this straw in the whole.  I'm going to look for some more materials to help her practice this skill.
    Interactions with Others
    • The clingy-ness phase continued.  Even Daddy got the cold shoulder a few times as she didn't want to leave my arms.  It may have been related to a little fever and stomach issue we had earlier in the week, but I think there are also some separation issues. 
    • Q-ball HATES the doctor.  It was a stressful expereince. 
    Interactions with Space
      • Still lots of twists and turns.  She also very focused on jumping. She's actually gotten slightly airborne!  She enjoys making a big deal out of the occasion by having Mama and Daddy count to 3 before she'll "JUMP"!
      Interactions with Life 
        • The "always wanting to be held" phase this week led to some setbacks with the booster seat.  Namely, she pretty much hated seating in it, and only wanted to eat at the table in Mama's lap.
        • Still seeming to understand new words everyday- it's amazing to say a phrase that I've been using since her birth, and suddenly see her respond to it.
        • Likely due to her fav book (The Ear Book) she has discovered ears!  She especially loves her Daddy's ears.  Wait till she sees her Opa next- what ears he has!
        To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!

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        1. What a busy week! I'm sorry to hear Q-ball had a stomach virus. Annabelle did, too, and it's such a bummer of a thing to see them go through! Hopefully she's feeling well again. The jumping, and most all the rest sounds like a ton of fun, so hopefully that overshadowed the illness!


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