Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Walking Wagon

Because I had observed Q-ball start to cruise around on the furniture last week, I decided it was time to introduce her new wagon.  Q-ball has loved walking around on her wagon.  Because ours is quite busy with a different game literally on every side, it's not exactly Montessori, although I as I've said before, we are not totally Montessori.  Here, my chief concerns are her safety and enjoyment.  And, we haven't had a hint of an accident, and she SUPER loves this thing.  Still, the wagon does meet all of the basic descriptors of a Montessori that are listed in The Joyful Child by Micheal Olaf:

A walker wagon (wooden, not plastic) will provide a opportunity for the child to pull up and practice walking at will, but it will usually require the adult to turn the wagon around when the child reaches the end of the path, and push and pull toys are great fun for the new walker.

She's now using everything as a wagon!
Olaf, M. (2010). The Joyful Child. Retrieved from


  1. I can't believe it either! You should certainly consider a walking wagon next time. It's one of those items that makes you sit back and see even more amazing potential in such a little person.

  2. Oh, a walking wagon is one thing I wanted for Annabelle and never got around to buying. Q-ball looks like she really does love hers, and my goodness is she growing quickly! I can hardly believe she's up and about like that already.

  3. Loving your blog. We have been integrating AP and Montessori with our baby (now 10 months) and your posts have been so helpful! Love this walking wagon, where did you get it?


  4. Thanks so much for the kind words! Good luck with AP and Montessori- obviously I love them and think it's a great idea! My mother actually got the wagon in Germany. I've seen some of the items she's gotten on Montessori sites in the states, but not that wagon. Sorry!


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