Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: First Trip to the Zoo!

Q-ball now knows what everyone is talking about when they call her a "monkey," and she might even understand why after getting to watch some of the monkey crawl all over their cages and throw all of their toys and food to the other side.  Or, at least this mama does.  But, throughout the trip, she seemed truly engaged- she loved listening to the sounds, smelling the many smells, touching trees and fences, and, of course, seeing the animals! 

She had this very concentrated look on her face most of the time.

Here are those crazy monkeys!

She's learned how to wave this week and practiced by waving to all of the animals!


  1. Definitely has her thinking face on processing all the new sights and sounds and smells!! love it.
    I wish we lived near a zoo :(

  2. Waving at all of the animals? Priceless! This looks like such a fun outing. I love your bright green Ergo, too!


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