Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanks, Santa and Family!

Thanks to Santa and family, Q-ball has been busy exploring this week! 
First of all, we have a new mini-treasure basket!  I've placed this basket in one of the last corners of our house that was not very friendly to Q-ball- we were constantly having to redirect her to other venues.  So, a little clean-up (which I will discuss next week) and this treasure basket have eliminated the need for redirection. 

Here's the basket:

Yarn, colorful rattle, natural teether, homemade sensory cloth (with colored tags and two different materials) a stone, cookie cutter, cork, and a ribbon.  So far, her favorites are the cork (great for teething!) and the rattle. 

Also, Grandma made us activity squares!  Using felt, she made different squares that allow Q-ball to explore different tasks and senses.  We have a zipper, buttons, velco, a pocket, mirror, and book with colors.  Currently, I have only given Q-ball the mirror, book, and pocket.  She loves them!  

1 comment:

  1. I love your treasure baskets, and this one looks every bit as exciting as the last. The felt squares are a great idea - how special that grandma is supportive of your goals for Q-ball and willing to create such neat things!


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