Thursday, December 13, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Holiday Cheer

Interactions with Materials
  • We are, of course, still very interested in Christmas everything.  Books, music, decorations...
  • Her great grandmother gave her a nativity scene, and she has loved manipulating all of the people and pieces.  She seems especially interested in making connections between her books and the physical pieces.  
  • Yesterday we went skating for the first time.  She loved it!  Music, lights, and skates!  We used the over-the-shoe type, and they worked better than I could have imagined.
Interactions with Others 
  • Yesterday was one of our first public tantrum(s).  We met some new friends at a play area with a super, super cool car to sit in.  (The thing didn't even have a steering wheel, for goodness sake!) Q-ball did not like when other people sat in the car.  It made her very, very mad.  But, after this happened for the third time, and we again talked about feeling angry and alternative activities, she calmed down and seemed to understand (for that moment) that the pain would eventually pass.
  • One person that Q-ball does seem open to meeting is Santa.  Yesterday we attended an event where she was able to talk to Santa multiple times, and she happily walked up to him shake his hand.
Critical Thinking 
  • Her sense of humor creeps out throughout the day, which I certainly consider a sign of deeper thought. She is especially interested in mimicking other people.  A few nights ago she demonstrated to Daddy how Mama takes very deep breaths throughout the day.  
Interactions with Life 
  • We are having potty success every day this week- typically in the mornings and nights, as we are out and about during the day.  She is very excited that she is finally able to use toilet paper and flush!
  • The time has come.  This week, Q-ball started saying "no."  Specifically, "no, no, no," typically accompanied by head shaking.
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  1. How funny that she's open to meeting Santa, of all people. Many otherwise sociable toddlers seem to have the opposite response - mine included! Skating sounds like it was so much fun! Potty success is super exciting, too!

  2. She's really gotten to "know" Santa through our reading, but I must admit, I too was very surprised she actually even sat in his lap!


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