Thursday, December 6, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Holiday Cheer

 Blah! I'm having issues with uploading images right now!  I hope to send some out tomorrow!
Interactions with Materials
  • Q-ball is totally ready for this holiday season. I was quick on the uptake for this holiday after failures with Halloween and Thanksgiving and got our Christmas books from the library in the last week of November.  After seeing Christmas trees, Santa Claus, baby Jesus, donkeys, and snowmen in all of her books, Q-ball's favorite materials right now are definitely seasonal.  She's really excited that she now recognizes everything that we see out and about.
  • Another seasonal fav- Christmas lights. We recently went to our local Christmas tree lighting.  She was very excited. As I've said here before, it's really amazing to see everything through a child's eyes. On the drive home, we were able to go by more lights (we are rarely out after dark, so we had to make the best of it!)  Now, she sits in her carseat when we are driving and makes the "more" sign, asking to see more lights.  (Sadly, it's during the day...)
  • And, I'll include music as a material here.  We've certainly been able to make the most of musical appreciation this holiday season.  Q-ball now recognizes several Christmas songs.  By far, The Little Drummer Boy is her favorite, and she is constantly asking to hear "MMMMMMM!" Family might remember that I really dislike this song, so I've really been demonstrating unconditional love by listening to it several times and hour.  Q-ball can also do a pretty sweet version of Mariah Carey's high notes in All I Want for Christmas Is You!
Interactions with Others 
  • This week we continued shaking hands with people that were new to us, but she is starting to seek more interaction, especially with those her own size.  At recent trips to the zoo and park, she was eager to point out sights to other visiting kids.  It's fun to see what social cues she uses to get others' attention and then to re-direct it.
Critical Thinking 
  • I think we are in another language explosion here. (Perhaps this explains her (my?) difficulty going to sleep.)   
  • I know also have to remember that Q-ball remembers everything I say.  Sometimes when she really starts talking (and she really, really can talk a lot!), I'll say, "Let's remember to try to tell Daddy when he gets home," to have one second of quiet.  She'll say "doh!" (her version of yes), and when Daddy comes home hours later, she immediately runs to him and tells him the story.
Interactions with Life 
  • I'm working on involving her in more practical life activities.  This week she started feeding dinner to the cats.  She's very excited about it and now expects to do it every night.

Question for the day: I know that I need more guidance as far as introducing new materials and activities following Dr. Montessori's philosophy.  I know lots of you out there can help!  How much do you demonstrate? How much do you assist? Is a child asking for assistance indicative that the material is above her current abilities?  

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  1. Okay, I'm on mobile so I really hope this saves. Love the Q-Ball update. On the Montessori question, I do very few presentations with Annabelle. Until recently I did none. My understanding of Montessori for infants and toddlers is very limited, but I asked a wonderful toddler teacher about how presentations went in her room and I was surprised to learn that they gave very few, but tried to empower the children by giving just enough help to support what the child was doing, and not so much that the child actually felt like they were being helped at all. Hopefully that makes some sense. As I have endeavored to implement Montessori philosophy at home with Annabelle, I have noticed that giving presentations didn't feel intuitively right until very recently, so the whole thing jives with me.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I agree with you about not demonstrating, but despite what Daddy and I do, Q-ball always asks for us to be involved. Makes me think the items are above her level. I'll keep trying!


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