Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Critical Thinking

Interactions with Materials
Still finding activities to do with her rings!

  • Still loving bicycles! She's constantly asking to go on a bike ride.  She knows all of the clothes that Daddy wears when we go on a bike ride, and some mornings upon waking she walks directly to our closet and starts pulling out Daddy's bike clothes in hopes of a bike ride.
  • Shoes!  Especially those that are too big..
Interactions with Others
  • Opa and her uncle are here this week, and she was quick to open up to them.  I think she also clearly remembered her uncle although it's been about two months since he last visited. 
Critical Thinking
  • Today she used the sign "want" for the first time.  I was especially impressed because this is a sign that Daddy and I have never demonstrated.  However, she has seen it in this bookThis morning when I asked, "Do you want to read a book?" She signed back "want" "book".
  • Q-ball is continuing to work to express her ideas and memories.  When she hurts herself or gets upset, she shows or "tells" me what happened.  She'll show me where she hit her head on the wall or how the ball hit her in the mouth.  It seems to help with tantrum reduction!
  • Similar to making the connection about Daddy's bike clothes and biking, she seems to think that every time I put on my shorts (vs. the yoga pants I constantly wear at home...) that we are going to the park.  She gets so excited and starts signing "park" and making the noise and actions she makes for the slide.  Sadly, we are normally just running errands, but I guess I have a little optimist.   
Interactions with Life 
  • She is really started to express her own wants.  She is starting to (aggressively) tell me what she wants to wear, what she wants ME to wear, where she wants to nurse, where she wants to read books, etc.  She enjoys making a game of it at times, making me change seats multiple times during meals and laughing all the while.  But, because of this new phase, I know that it's time to introduce the Montessori closet, so stay tuned next week for updates and pictures!
  • She is starting to use "please", so modelling good manners does work!
  • And, a final story about our clothing, I put on a skirt the other day to go to dinner, and she thought it was so funny! She couldn't stop laughing. The next day, she opened the closet and wanted me to wear it again.  I guess I need to branch out from the yoga pants...But, our daughter certainly has a budding sense of humor!
To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


  1. I know I have said this over and over, but I am continually blown away by how thoroughly your Q-ball communicates using signs. She knows just what she wants! How funny that she connects certain clothes with things she likes to do, too. The girl takes it all in!

  2. She does know what she wants! I'm just fearful of the day that she won't take "I know you want to, BUT..." very well...Or, I guess I'll get in some extra exercise with lots of bike rides!


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