Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watch Her Grow

This Week's Focus: Language and Critical Thinking

Interactions with Materials

Watch out, Vegas!
  • Because she has enjoyed throwing items in her walking wagon so much, this week I introduced a shape sorting activity.  One side of her walking wagon is actually a shape sorter, so she is still able to throw things into her wagon, but in a slightly more structured way.  So far, though, she still prefers just opening the top and adding the shapes...
  • Daddy taught her how to stack cups in a parlor party fashion, and she has loved having us set up cups, so she "stack" them.
  • She has started to love, love going down slides at the park!  I have to work to keep her from the tallest, twisty ones!
Interactions with Others
  • She's creeping out of her shell.  She is now waving to others that we pass.  And, she has even offered to share her books with other little ones at the library and even her toys to friends visiting the house.
  • She likes to look at other, younger babies now.  She's very interested when they cry or yell- not concerned, but interested.
Critical Thinking
  • I'm continuing to be amazed at her ability to communicate her ideas to me.  On our past few morning runs, we have been able to see the moon in the sky.  She points out the moons and makes the sign for "book", indicating that it is the same image we see in one of the books we are currently reading.  
  • I am trying to practice sequencing with her during our daily activities, especially when she asks for something (typically milk) a little out of sequence or just when I've started washing dishes, etc. At bedtime, for example, I tell her all of the steps we take before milk (diaper, putting on pajamas, reading, and then milk!)  She seems to be catching on as it typically  soothes her.
  • We have worked to include Q-ball in our dinner conversations for awhile now, but it seems that she is now able to have a more active role.  The other night at dinner, I was explaining to Daddy that we had an awesome time at the park and was describing everything we did.  Q-ball joined in and was making the sounds we make for going down the slide and being in the swing. 
Interactions with Life 
  • She's getting in a few molars!  But, other than lots of drool, they don't seem to be causing too much pain.

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  1. I love the cup stacking picture! She really does seem to be incredibly adept at communicating. You mentioned recently that she was combining signs into phrases, and I don't remember Annabelle ever doing that. It must be so neat to watch those skills developing!

  2. Yes! Communication is amazing- but it also means I that I have start watching what I say! Words like "egg" (which she eats in large quantities..), "park", and sometimes "Daddy" must now be used carefully!

  3. Sliding, waving, sharing, reading, "conversing" - how beautiful and amazing. You must be enjoying this phase so much. How do you sequence as it sounds like a great idea - pictures or words?

  4. I'm so much of a verbal person (as is Q-ball, apparently as she almost never stops saying "eh!"), so I do so much verbally. But, I have found that later finding images really helps- I can see the light go on in her head!


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