Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Critical Thinking
Apologies to those who only tune in for the pictures- we are having camera issues again!  Hopefully, I'll have figured something out by next week!

Interactions with Materials

    • She has continued to love stacking cups- her fine motor skills are really improving, and I can tell that she is really focused on working on them (see practical life section...)
    • She loves wheels right now.  At first, I thought it was a love of bicycles, but I think she is interested in all wheels.  When we are headed to the car, she always stops by the tire to look and often touch (getting her hands quite dirty...)  This is also making me think that she might believe the sign for "bicycle" is "wheel."
    • She also loves "fish" right now.  We took a special trip to the zoo so that we could see some fish that weren't confined to a book.
    Interactions with Others
    • Well, last week I indicated that she was creeping out of her shell, but I think I spoke a little too soon.  At a play ground last night, she started crying whenever other children even got close to the equipment.  And, occasionally shoved them out of the way.  Maybe next week.
    • But, a few days before this, she was more friendly with children that we regularly see at a park day- giving them high-fives and playing together with a ball. So, hopefully, the key is that she recognizes the individuals.
    Critical Thinking
    • A few days ago, I left the house to pick up some forgotten onions from the store. Q-ball stayed with Daddy, and was not happy about me leaving her for 10 minutes so late in the day.  So, she explained to Daddy using signs and pointing that she wanted him to drive his truck to Mama.  Pretty impressive!
      Interactions with Life 
      • She has really, really been focused on mastering eating with a fork and/or spoon.  During dinner time, she will sit for 5-10 minutes and totally concentrate on getting her food onto her fork and then into her mouth.  She's coming quite close to mastery.  Now, she also knows that she is not supposed to stab the table with the fork (Daddy has already decided we'll just have to buy a new table one day when kids are grown...), and she is really enjoying testing this limit.
      • Mama and Daddy have been modeling signing "thank you" at appropriate times, and Q-ball quickly picked it up, and has now been signing it on her own.  Next step, "please"!

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      1. I can't believe she relayed such a complicated message so clearly! Q-ball must really love her mama ;) It's so neat to see that intense desire to master utensil usage. It makes for nice, long mealtimes, I bet!

      2. I does make for longer mealtimes. Daddy and I barely know what to know or what to talk about for so long! I can't imagine what an actual date would be like!

      3. Laura @ MommyrunfastAugust 22, 2012 at 10:32 AM

        I love how you document these milestones. The utensils mastery skill is a tough one, that's impressive that she's working on it. It's amazing how they can set their little mind to something and their determination gets them there!

      4. Watching a little one master these skills also makes me stop and realize how much I take for granted on a daily basis! It certainly encourages me to put forth some more effort my life!


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