Thursday, March 22, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Language 

Interactions with Materials
  • This week she enjoyed practicing opening and closing doors.  She's done this in the past, but has again taken an interest.  Luckily, no pinched fingers yet, but it did lead to a meltdown last night after I waited for her to finish practicing opening and closing the bathroom cabinet for several minutes before taking a bath.  Finally, I determined it was time to take a bath- she did not agree, and let me know!
  • She also enjoyed practicing putting items in and out of things this week- especially tea bags she'd found in the pantry in an old Cheerio box.
  • Favorite materials: boxes, books, stuffed animals

Interactions with Others
  • Not too many observations here.  She's still being very adventurous in going out on her own- until someone new tries to say hello!
    Interactions with Space
    • As I said, she's very quick to run away from me when we go outside. As long as I can see her little feet below the playground equipment, I let her go.  Yesterday, suddenly, the little feet disappeared. I got up to investigate, and by the time I was on the other side of the playground structure (for ages 5-12!), she had crawled up 6 steps to the very top!  I brought her back down, but once she discovered this new skill, she just wanted to practice and practice.  My playgroups are going to be a bit more work for Mama now!
    Interactions with Life
    Not a good picture, but they were had to find this week. She's been asking me to put all of these bows on her head!
    • Whew! What growth we had in language this week! Overnight, Q-ball seemed to gain a whole in vocabulary.  She now recognizes and responds to the following words: "hug" (she loves leaning into me, Daddy, a teddy bear, or the cat), "sleepy" (she lays on a pillow- however, it should be noted she does not know what sleep is as we've continued to have major issues here....), "more", "dog" (she'll try to bark!), "bath", and possibly some more!
    • She loves being outside. She knows her Daddy often takes her outside for a few minutes when he gets home from work and gets very excited. And, very sad when we just don't have the time.
    • It's amazing what habits she is starting to learn as I am making an effort to allow her more of a role in practical life activities. For example, after brushing teeth, she knows to put her toothbrush in the cup, and she gets so excited about doing this, we often skip the actual brushing of teeth.
    • Speaking of which, she still has lots of teeth coming in!  Possibly 6!!
    What words did your child seem to recognize overnight??
    To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


    1. It's good to know someone likes her style! My family is always asking what clothes I have on her!

    2. Thanks! The dog barks are funny! Thanks for stopping by!

    3. Adventurous kids are exciting-But, exhausting! I guess it keeps me in good shape!

    4. That photo is great, love her style. And climbing up 6 steps, what a gal!

    5. Q-ball is so fancy with her bows! It sounds like she has gotten quite brave as well. I was chasing my own daughter around playgroup today, as she kept running to the far edge of the huge park, toward the street to climb a massive statue. We have adventurers on our hands, it seems! It's so exciting to see language explode, too! I'm sure Q-ball will be producing all of those words and more before you know it.

    6. African_Babies_Dont_CryJune 26, 2012 at 9:11 AM

      What a fun time this is, with all the new discoveries! Jesse also barks like a dog, whenever he sees one, which is often, super cute. Lovely update :)


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