Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Movement and Language
 Interactions with Materials
  • Now that I think about it, we've been out of the house a lot this week! It's hard to think about what she's been doing while at home other than taking naps!
  • But, she loves, loves reading books!
  • She has finally also noticed stuffed animals (mainly my old bears that are on my bed!). She'd never really paid attention to them before, but now she likes to pick them up and carry them around with her.
  • She did continue to practice her gross motor skills by kicking and rolling items around the room.
  • Favorite materials:  natural items- grass, bark, leaves; books; stuffed animals; balls

Interactions with Others

  • She largely plays independently when we go to a play group, but she really watches all of the other children and tries to mimic their actions. Yesterday she tried to climb up a slide like a much older boy at the park.
Interactions with Space
    • She loves walking, walking, walking.  Just moving around the house.  She's not as loud as she used to be with crawling, but typically makes a "popping" noise with her mouth as she moves.
    • She loves that she has mastered the "release" action.  To demonstrate her mastery, she will pretend that she is going to hand Daddy or me an item, and then quickly pull it away. She does this a few times, and then finally hands it over.
    Interactions with Life
      • She really started to notice airplanes this week.  We live along the flightpath, so we hear planes coming and going all day.  She now stops and looks to the window for them after I took her outside to show her the source of the noise. We also learned the sign for airplane, and, while she hasn't made it yet, she often looks to me to make the sign.
      To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!


      1. They can learn so much from older children can't they? This is one thing that first children miss out on I think (unless they are around older children all the time anyway). They gain so much too though! Oh the naps...I lived and died by them I tell you ;-) B was a terrible napper...and sooo grumpy through lack of sleep.

      2. I remember how much fun it was when Annabelle discovered airplanes, too. She never produced the sign herself, but when they had passed would say, "more airplane!" Love the release game Q-ball came up with! Days with her sound like so much fun!

        I hope all the time out of the house this week was enjoyable rather than stressful!

      3. We do have fun! And, yes, the time outside the house was very enjoyable. I'm finally getting comfortable enough to take her more places and risk having a little bit later nap. I guess some people make this leap before 10-11 months, but I guess I'm a little slow. I'm sure that later babies don't have the same luxuries of being spoiled at home all day!


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