Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Week's Foci: Movement and Language 

Interactions with Materials
  • Carrying things remained a big theme this week- water bottles, balls, baskets- she seems to favor big objects when moving them from place to place.  I think this is interesting as it must be more difficult for her to carry the bigger objects. I guess she is working on coordination and gross motor control.
  • I noticed again this week that she was getting very frustrated not being able to see the pictures hanging on the wall.  They are just too high! So, we hung some more pictures at her level using our old calendar pages. She's really loved going up and looking and talking to them.
  • Favorite materials: books, balls, and new pictures on the wall
Daddy bought me the OFFICIAL dodge-balls!

Interactions with Others

  • She still resists having other adults hold her. She pretty much immediately starts crying if a stranger or even someone she has seen before tries to hold her.
  • Even Daddy cannot hold her during nap and bedtime.
  • But, she has been quicker to give people huge smiles as soon as she sees them.
  • She is starting to wave "bye-bye." Her favorite time to use the wave seems to be to kick Daddy out of the room at "night-night" time.  This is clearly not an indication of a desire to go to sleep as it typically takes 30-90 minutes to get adorable Q-ball to sleep.
Interactions with Space
  • This week she started practicing walking backwards.
  • She is also really excited about being able to walk around the house with Mama when we are doing chores. She loves to hold my hand and be able to get around on her own.
Interactions with Life
  • She has started to make the sign for airplane. It's her first sign, so I'm very excited! Since making it, I believe that she has started to pay more attention to signing. It seemed she also made the sign for milk last night, but I will wait to see it again to make the official announcement.
  • She got her first fever this week! It started late in the day and was gone by morning with no apparent cause. I would say it was a teething fever, but research for this  post revealed there is supposedly no connection.
  • Q-ball has been losing a bit of interest in solids recently. Some days I can only get her to eat a few blueberries. But, I trust she knows her own needs.
  • Daylight Savings Time really screwed up the little sleep we got around here.  How did DST affect your household??
To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!

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  1. It's incredible how quickly they go from not walking, to being a busy, always on their feet toddler you can hardly picture crawling around. I'm amazed that she is already walking about with large objects and walking backward. She really is on the move!

    I hope you get over the Daylight Savings Time adjustment soon if you haven't already. That is the pits! I'm grateful to live where we don't have to deal with such nonsense, but then by the time everyone is ready to "fall back," I'll be outside my bubble of protection.


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