Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Bisbee 1000

This past weekend we completed our first official family 5K!  We walked in the Bisbee 1000- a 5K that includes 9 staircases of 1000 steps. It's not your normal race, besides the stairs, people run in wigs, dresses, and there are tons of walkers. Q-ball enjoyed the ride- she was too excited by all of the activity to sleep.  And, she only required one snack break.  Enjoy the pictures!  And, obviously some of them are taken on the go!

 Getting ready to race!

 Bisbee has such fun architecture.  We loved seeing all of the different, colorful houses and
yard decorations. 

At the top of some staircases.

Our medals!

That race made me hungry!

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