Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Hookah

           Now that I have a little bit more practice with this blogging stuff, I've decided to set more of a routine, and make the blog more enjoyable for readers.  I got the hint when I figured out that even my parents did not read my blog. They claim they don't know how. (Not sure what this means- maybe the reading thing is tough?) But, I am thankful my in-laws are faithful followers! So, here is the new plan: 
  Each week will contain 3 posts-Well, I'll try at least- this is a hobby, not a job, afterall.
  1. Motherhood Posts - a product or book review, focus on an article that has caught my interest, or something else about my expereince being a mom
  2. Wordless Wednesdays- this is my little Q-ball's chance to shine. I'll put new pictures of her up each week.
  3. Science or Psych Fridays- Here's where I will focus on the development of infants and children or another science of parenting topic. This is my chance to ensure that I am still exercising all parts of my brain during my SAHM time.(NPR- if you have this phrase copyrighted, I'm giving you credit here.)
 I'm also continuing to work on the layout of the blog- still working out a few problems, but if you have comments or suggestions, let me know!

And, now, what the family has been waiting for- Q-ball's first Wordless Wednesday!
This week's pictures highlight what her Daddy has called the "baby hookah."  She literally cannot get enough of the smoke coming out of the humidifier.  Hopefully, we are not the only parents that foster such bad habits.   
I need it!

Are you judging me??

Our big girl can even stand with help now!


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  1. Can u explain your post about Baby Hookah because when i'm see your blog i'm shocked because its dangerous for teenagers


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