Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pass and Fail

This was such a timely topic from Growing Up Geeky! Over the past two weeks, I’ve started to imagine my mothering habits as a continuous post on the FAIL Blog in order to maintain my sanity. I should have started to do this much earlier considering that I would have even had a post to write even before the birth.

March 28, 2010- Like the doctor ordered, I showed up at the hospital to get some initial drugs to help with the next day’s induction of Q-ball. But, I didn’t realize that this meant I was actually going to be admitted to the hospital and not going home again. I hadn’t packed my bags or my husband. Fail.

And, the last 6.5 months have continued in much the same fashion…

Sometime Just Last Week- What’s this extra snap for the carseat? Should have been using this the whole time. Fail.

Sometime During Planning Our First Family Vacation
- This will be so restful! We’ll catch up on tons of sleep in the hotels! Fail.

Any Sunday Morning- Dress baby early for church in her best dress. Baby spits up. Fail.

Any Night-
Carefully place nearly sleeping baby in crib. Baby looks at Mama with big, beautiful smile. Fail.

Every Passing Minute
- She grows. And grows. And grows. I never realized how fast the time with infants really does go. And, despite the countless times I was warned, I just couldn’t realize how true it is. Fail.


  1. I know what you means about the hotel/sleep thing. We've had to stay in a hotel with our little one a few times, and she has always ended up in bed with us so that we get ANY sleep at all.

    Fellow teacher following you through the TAT! I look forward to reading more!

    Nikki (makesperfectsense.blogspot.com

  2. Oh the spit-up fails! We've had plenty of those lol...


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