Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

Showing off her kefir mustache.  She loves her kefir!
Interactions with Materials
  • Given that we are just one or two weeks away from Baby, we have been getting out some items to prepare.  Q-ball has loved placing her animals in the carseat, the co-sleeper, and the swing.  She's also loved washing diapers and clothes for the new baby.
  • Q-ball is training for her first race!  A 1/4 course for 0-5 year olds!  She is very excited and often will just start running, clearly focusing on pumping her arms.  She loves saying, "I'm going on a run like Daddy!" 
 Interactions with Others 
  • She is really trying to reach out and play with other children her age (most times...)  She typically likes to observe play for a long time before diving in.  At church a few weeks ago, all of the children started to run in circles following the service.  This was perhaps Q-ball's favorite activity to date, and since that week she has started running after church, working to try to get the attention of all of the other children.  She'll often get one or two followers, but not all of the kiddos.  
Critical Thinking
  • Q-ball continues to be deep into her imagination exploration.  As grandmas are on their way soon, it's important for them to stay on their toes to figure out if they are talking to the lifeguard, the engineer, the mailman, the gorilla, or Daddy.
  • She has really become a little comedian. Her current favorite jokes include: pulling out pajamas to wear during the day; telling me that she wants to go to the library, park, grocery store, etc. after we've just left or when she knows that we are going elsewhere; or, saying that she is ready to eat lunch and take a nap when she knows it's not time for these activities. 
Practical Life
  • We have finally become more formal with Q-ball's clean-up routine.  She has a "cleaning station" that she uses to spray and wipe up the counter after she eats a snack.
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  1. Ha! She is too fun. Love her jokes - it's neat to consider what they say about her development, too. Obviously her routine is very important to her! So funny that she now runs around after church every day, too. It's funny how those things stick out in their minds at this age.

  2. I think the jokes are really interesting, and I totally agree about what they say about development. I'd love to do a SciFri on this and pretend play in toddlers, but I've lost my primary source of resource materials. :( And, pregnancy has left me a little tired. One day!


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