Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Practical Life
Sporting her new sunglasses

She loves the bars and rings the most!

Interactions with Materials
  • We are still spending lots of time outside, despite highs that are over 100.  At parks, Q-ball can spend nearly an hour swinging. She likes to switch swings every few minutes, and desperately wishes that another child will come swing with her.  But, she has also enjoyed hanging and climbing, practicing her new moves from tumble class.
  • She has also returned to her old love of reading, while we'd certainly never abandoned reading, we had very few days where we were sit and read for 20-40 minutes. Now, she's loving doing this again.  Maybe it's the heat!
Interactions with Others 
  • She is typically excited to meet new people nowadays.  She even shared a huge hug with another girl in her tumble class, leaving them both on the floor.
Critical Thinking
  • It's amazing to me what Q-ball notices and remembers.  When we are driving, she'll tell me which direction to go, and she'll tell me where I could turn if I want to go to the library or the grocery.  
Practical Life
  • After much work, she has become quite proficient at putting on her shoes.  It's also helped that we did buy the next size shoes, but these are still a bit too big and fall off at times. 


  1. Love that first picture! Annabelle has the same sunglasses and pajama top. Pretty sure she'd love that tumble class, too - looks like great fun! Doesn't it just kill you watch those big, fall on the floor hugs?

  2. I love that although there seem to be thousands of options for children's clothes, everyone inevitably has the same thing. I avoid the problem for myself by continuing to wear the clothes I bought 3-5 years ago. :)


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