Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Emotional Regulation and Independence

Classic American photos- With Ronald McDonald's (messy weather has sent us to "inside parks") and hot dogs with a baseball game.

Interactions with Materials
  • Q-ball has started working with her puzzles again.  I love that she is able to maintain or re-start interest in an object, even after mastering it.
  • As I mentioned last week, she starting exploring shapes.  This has continued as she has gravitated towards her sorting and stacking toys.
  • She is also loving playing with blocks.  She's working on creating tunnels and train stations for her cars and trains.
Interactions with Others 
  • Like most kids her age, Q-ball is clearly very concerned about other children (or cats) touching her things.  When she sees another child approaching (or just standing on the other side of the room), she immediately turns to me and tells me that she is "scared that boy will touch my toys/books/rock/etc.)  However, she does clearly understand and accept the idea of taking turns.  In fact, she seems genuinely excited that she gets to "wait in line" for the slide or other park item.
  • She still enjoys her personal time. The only way I could get her to agree to go to our park day this week was to explain that she did not have to play with the other children.  In a very pro-social fashion, she chanted, "me do not have to play with other kids" for the majority of our time at the park.
  • We also had our first tea party for her bears.  She used the wooden cookies, doughnuts, and plates that Grandma and Grandpa gave her for Christmas.
Interactions with Life 
  • Q-ball has started a "screaming" phase.  I think this is the second time it's happened.  I don't exactly remember the first one lasting all that long, which is a little uplifting.  High pitch noises while driving, during dinner, and while grocery shopping are not very life-giving.  
  • Mama and Daddy often do our exercises (body weight strength training, stretching, yoga, etc.) at home in the morning, and Q-ball loves joining in.  She especially likes doing push-ups and is now very taken with jumping jacks as she observed the homeschool PE group doing them at the park this week.  And, she loves to randomly do yoga moves throughout the day.
We are linking up with Vibrant Wanderings!  Check out what other kiddos are up to this week!


  1. I love your all-American photos. Q-ball's curls are so sweet. It sounds like you may have an introvert like I do. It's Annabelle who has helped me realize that's me, too. Sometimes not playing with others is best.

  2. She is certainly an introvert- just like her Daddy. She does love watching others- we can spend an entire park day just standing and looking at someone. I'm sure one day she'll want to play a little!


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