Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Emotional Regulation and Independence

Still not able to upload pictures..if there is anyone about there more tech savvy than me, let me know if you can think of anything!

Interactions with Materials
  •  Q-ball's primary source of independent play continues to be pretend play that involves her stuffed animals. This morning she spent most of her time in pushing them in "strollers" (a high chair, laundry basket, and step stool).  She still loves to have them participate in all aspects of life- potty, sleep, dressing, eating, car riding, reading and playing.
  • We planted a small container garden a few months ago, and she now enjoys going to water her daises. 
Interactions with Others 
  • Q-ball has continued to open up to others.  She is especially excited about play dates with two close friends.  She talks about her play afterwards for days. Yesterday she was especially excited to explore a "jungle" with the other kiddos.  As for kids that are less recognizable to her, she still gets excited and talks about the opprotunity to "play with mine friends," but as soon as these children approach her, she typically instantly shows her fear through crying, screaming, or just freezing in place.
Critical Thinking
  • This week, we focused on learning shapes.  Q-ball very interested and quickly caught on to all of the shape words.  (Description of this 3-part lesson to come!)
  • Like all toddlers, she's very interested in finding and establishing her own order.  One way she is doing this is through matching like items around the house. 
Interactions with Life 
  • She has reached the stage where she can't seem to make up her mind.  She say, "I want Mama to do it!"   Only to immediately realize that she doesn't want Mama to have anything to do with anything.  Fortunately, this hasn't lead to too much emotional trauma for the family, but I can certainly see the potential.
  • She is getting quite good at expressing her emotions.  She'll tell me if something makes her sad.  Sometimes she'll even emphasize the point by telling me "I have tears."  She leads a pretty tough life!
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