Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

Bear sitting with us at the table. Q-ball wanted to make sure he had kombucha to drink- not sure all bears are the lucky!
This Week's Focus: Language and Practical Life

  Interactions with Materials
  • For the past two weeks, Q-ball has been deeply involved in pretend play. Her stuffed animals (and a few of mine from childhood!) are invovled in nearly all parts of our life. I'm asked to fix them plates at mealtimes while Q-ball makes sure they are comfy in their chairs; they sleep with us; they wear our clothes and shoes; they go on stroller rides; they take baths in a little bath tub that an aunt gave us; and, of course, they sit on the potty!
  • We are gearing up for Easter, so Q-ball has loved reading her books about bunnies and eggs. I have included some books about the actual Easter celebration in our mix, but this, of course, just don't seem as interesting.  
Interactions with Others 
  • Q-ball continues to slowly open up to others.  She played with another child at the park for a few minutes yesterday and was excited about the attention.  But, after about 2 minutes, was ready to move on.  And, then refuse to have another mother push her on the swing. Small steps.
  • Q-ball does continue to get excited about seeing her closest friends, a set of twins.  We went to dinner with them last night, and I talked with her about ways we can say hi to people when we first meet them.  I didn't think she was listening to me, especially as it was snack time, but, to my surprise, she immediately went up to them and tried to shake their hands when we first saw them!
Critical Thinking
  • Q-ball's sentences are growing incredibly complex! The other morning the first statement out of her mouth was "Mama wash Daddy lightening bolt shirt so Daddy wear it right now."
  • It's funny to hear the phrases she is picking up.  Certainly makes me think about when I use these phrases.  Some favorites- "right now!" "Keep your eyes peeled." (Very important when looking for choo-choos when driving.) "Beep! Beep!" (efforts to teach excuse me have not paid off...)
Interactions with Life 
  • Still focusing on putting on and taking off her own clothes.  We introduced the "Montessori way," and she loves doing it! 
  • The other night, Q-ball couldn't sleep (DST was not made by someone with toddlers.) So, after nearly 2 hours, Mama tapped out, and Daddy came to play.  He told Q-ball that she was a "goofball," and Q-ball thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Now, she'll randomly throw herself on the ground with her legs up and say, "I'm a goofball! I'm a goofball!"
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  1. Every time I read one of these, I wish we lived nearby so we could have a play date with Q-ball. I don't even care if she doesn't want me to push her on the swing ;) The pretend play is always so much fun, and Annabelle is a goofball, too. These are the things that makes life with toddlers and preschoolers so much fun! :)


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