Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Emotional Intelligence
Over the past week, it seems my little girl has really entered a new toddler phase.  We had several days of 3 more or major tantrums, no matter what I did.  These seemed to be do to her inability to sleep- perhaps because there was just too much going on in her growing mind.  But, this new phase also ushered in some very, very concentrated play, which I'll discuss below...

  Interactions with Materials
  • So far, her concentrated play has centered on stacking or unpacking.  Some of the activities she practiced this week- she self-checked out 8 books at the library for almost 20 minutes, carefully stacking each after scanning; she laid all of Mama's cupcake holder around the kitchen and then re-stacked (most) of them; she has removed and replaced entire shelves of our bookshelves at home. 
  • Of course, stacking involves blocks!  These are items that I rarely remove from her toy rotation as she always finds something new to do with them.  
  • Like blocks, Q-ball has always loved her stacking tree ring, although I think it is supposedly aimed at children younger than her.  With this new interest in stacking, I quickly again brought out her rings. 
Interactions with Others 
  •  Q-ball seems to have found her first real friends- a set of twins.  She practices saying their names, and she is excited to learn when we are going to meet them.  She loves showing them new toys or tricks, and even held the little girl's hand to when they were walking to watch a band at the market this past weekend.
Critical Thinking
  • Q-ball's language skills are always growing.  She can express very complex ideas- describing what makes her happy and working to fill Daddy in on all of the details of her day.
  • This week she seemed to really be practicing prepositions- on, off, in, out, on.
Interactions with Life 
  • Q-ball is really increasingly focusing on doing more and more herself, especially when it comes to getting dressed.  She really wants to put on and off her own clothing and shoes.
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