Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watch Her Grow

This Week's Focus: Language

Interactions with Materials

  • This week Q-ball finally met her Learning Tower! (I must brag- I found it at a thrift shop for $11.95 because there were some stickers on it and stray pens markers on the easel. For those who don't know, MSRP is $150...)  She seems to really enjoy being on level with Mama and watching her cook (which we had to do a lot of this week), but her favorite thing so far is to pick items off the counter and drop them on the floor.  Learning about gravity, I suppose. 
  • She's taken an interest in doorbells.  She likes to say "ding-dong" whenever we enter the house.  
  • She has really enjoyed talking on the phone when Mama is on the phone, using an old cell phone.  She loves saying, "bye-bye.."
Interactions with Others
  • This morning at a event we attend, she let a stranger hold her hand and even pick her up! I was so surprised! 
  • She has also become quite the performer.  See yesterday's post. Even if she won't let a stranger near her, she'll be happy to smile and dance for them.  So, it's  a
Interactions with Space
    • Now that Q-ball is opening doors, her favorite door to open is the pantry.  This can be a bit of a mess, but it gives us lots of practice to clean up after ourselves and allows Mama to practice her relaxation breathing exercises.  Something that can't be "cleaned up"- the fact that potatoes, apples, and oranges look a lot like balls and get thrown and bruised.
    Interactions with Life 
      • She seems to be in the phase where she learns signs pretty instantaneously.  Now, Daddy and I just have to learn more to keep up!
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      1. That learning tower really was a fantastic find! Nicely done! It sounds like it has been another busy week around there. I have been getting practice with relaxation breathing, too - I suppose it's good preparation for labor ;) Wishing you a relaxing week ahead!

      2. Relaxation breathing sounds excellent for labor. I can't imagine how busy it is getting in your neck of the woods! Good luck!


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