Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Foci: Movement
 Interactions with Materials
  • After I mentioned last week that Q-ball had abandoned her walking wagon, she immediately started using it again.  Now she focuses on maneuvering around chairs, tables, and corners.
  • She still likes figuring out how to transport all her materials from place to place- whether with her wagon, baskets, or anything else she can find.  I've found pieces of potato hidden in a treasure basket, a night light in the laundry basket, and all sorts of toys in her block box.
  • Favorite materials:  books, shoebox, balls, magnets, grass and sticks on the playground and in the yard, ball of yarn

Interactions with Others
  • She actively plays games with the cats now (well, mainly the nice, fat one- the other's not interested.)  She bases her actions on his reactions.
  • She now seems to recognize and feel comfortable with her swim coach- actively moving towards him in order to get an opprotunity to go down the slide.
  • She likes to play a peek-a-boo game with me where she "hides" behind my back holding on to my shoulders and then moving from side to side until she decides which side to pop out on.
  • She loves giving Mama and Daddy hugs!
Interactions with Space
  • She's still practicing carrying items from place to place.
Interactions with Life
    • We started combing her hair after her bath in a usually failed attempt to control her cowlick. With about two days, she started grabbing the brush out of our hands to try to do it herself.  Amazing how quickly she catches on!
    To see the rational and purpose for the Watch Her Grow series, please check out this post!

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    1. So cool that she found a new way to use her wagon as she perfects her walking skills. Exciting times for Q-ball! It sounds like she is getting more and more social as well, which I'm sure is a joy to watch. It really is amazing how quickly they catch on to routine activities like combing hair, etc. Annabelle lately has noticed that I keep her toothbrush in a little protective tube with a lid so now she insists each day that she has to "put it in box" and then asks for the lid so that she can replace that, too.


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