Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Practical Life
Q-ball helping with laundry.  She decided to also hang up the shirt she had been wearing.

Interactions with Materials
  • It seems like we didn't work with too many materials this week, somehow.  I think we spent lots of time outdoors and doing other out-of-the-house activities.  But, Q-ball's pretend play has expanded so that she now likes to take the roll of positions that she's read about or seen.  Typically, she plays a (train) engineer, but after a trip to the pool yesterday, she's been a lifeguard.  She walks around the house saying, "this engineer, this engineer, no, no, this engineer....." Over and over.  But, I we certainly know not to ask Q-ball to sit down to dinner.
Interactions with Others 
  • While it takes her a bit of time to warm up, Q-ball likes playing with similar aged kids at the park.  She'll laugh with them and frequently come and tell me that they are playing together. We clearly still need to work on how to talk to others to encourage them to want as, "Hey! Hey! Climb up here!" might not be overly welcoming.
 Practical Life
  • We have really been working on dressing ourselves this past week, and she's pretty much got it now.  It does take a bit of time, but she's typically happy to do it.  She talks through the steps as she dresses herself.  "Find the tag....put foot in hole...push through..."  She's also successfully put her sandals on now, but this is certainly not her favorite task, and she normally yells for me to do it for her.   


  1. When Annabelle started dressing herself totally independently, it really made me feel her big kid-ness. It seems to be such an empowering thing, though, so I'm excited for Q-ball - and you, too! :) I'll admit, it's nice to have fewer bodies to worry about dressing.

  2. Yes- I'm trying to do a final push of tasks that I might not be able to help with as much once new baby arrives. If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to know!


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