Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watch Her Grow...

So, a child that has decided to regularly forgo or shorten naps has hampered blog updates, but we did want to send an update today to say, "Happy Valentine's Day!" and share a current photo as it has been awhile.

We coordinated a toddler Valentine exchange, which was excitingly successful.  As you can see, however, Q-ball wore herself out...not enough to continue her nap at home, but enough to need ten 10 minutes of rest in the car...


  1. She has got so big! Love the idea of a toddler valentine exchange, sounds really sweet. Its hard when they drop the naps, still who knows, she might take them p again. My daughter goes through phases with naps now.

  2. The transition to no naps is such a challenge - sometimes for us parents most of all! It's sweet to hear from you, even if only in short. I'll be looking forward to more when you have time :)

  3. Thanks! It's good to share again. I've been keeping up with other blogs, but rarely find time to comment and read- makes me sad!

  4. Toddler valentine exchange did work well! Toddlers are quite good at focusing at a task like- "place cards in these boxes." So, I can't say that we fostered any love between kids, but we did engage the toddlers. Hopefully, we will continue to nap more than we don't!


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