Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch Her Grow...

This Week's Focus: Language and Critical Thinking

Interactions with Materials

Q-ball has started practicing pushing the swings herself. And a look at her curls!
  • As it was the first of the month, it was time to rotate toys, so Q-ball is always in love with all of the new (or at least out of sight for quite awhile) materials.  One new item that she is enjoying is an early shape sorter.  As I explained a few weeks ago, I've been observing some behaviors that lead me to believe she is ready for this activity, but my attempts at shape sorting had not yet worked.  But, she has been working with this shape sorter.  It allows her to match colors and shapes using the blocks and try to place them in the correct slot using fine motor and matching skills again.  I'm excited to see her work towards mastery. 
Interactions with Others
  • Yesterday we hosted a big party (a doughnut fry and swap party!) with 10 kiddos under the age of 3.  So, we had lots of opportunities for interacting with others.  Q-ball isn't necessarily the friendliest kid in the group, but she will offer up the occasional toy.  As is typical with children at this age, she still likes playing on her own.
  • But, someone she does not like interacting with is the doctor.  This mornings appointment was especially full of screams.  The doctor said it is was one of the worst doctor-induced-fits he'd seen.  Now, he was pretty young, but Q-ball was not a happy camper.  Poor thing!
Critical Thinking
  • Q-ball is continuing to work on sequencing.  This past week, she nearly mastered signing her bedtime routine to us. (bath, diaper, book, milk, sleep.)
Interactions with Life 
  • As I explained here, we use a floor bed for Q-ballWe have continued to love this set-up. On nights when sleep was especially difficult, it is easy for me to pull my air mattress (one of the camping ones) and pillow next to her bed and sleep there.  Now, Q-ball has never been one for cuddling when sleeping- this is why bed-sharing was not really an option for us. And, while she loves nursing to sleep, she was never one to like to lay down to nurse.  I always had to rock her in my lap while nursing and then place her in bed.  But, over the past two weeks Q-ball (and Mama!) has discovered the joys of laying down to nurse to sleep.  But, one consequence is that Q-ball now pretty much always sleeps on the floor next to her super comfy mattress.  Even when she doesn't nurse to sleep, she is rolling onto the floor to sleep there.  I feel a little bad because I know it's not very comfortable (even with the camping mattress, my hips are a little sore in the morning...), but this seems to be her choice!
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    1. Ah, so you regularly rotate on the first of the month, huh? I always go back and forth and am thinking I really need to be rotating more frequently. For Annabelle right now, perhaps even every week!

      A doughnut fry/swap sounds like quite a lot of fun! I'm thinking there must be something in the air that is making children struggle at the doctor. When took Elliot today, Annabelle was surprisingly shy and uncomfortable in the office, and while we were there I heard two children in other rooms who sounded incredibly upset :/


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