Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pet Week! Introduction

Barnum and Bailey
   It goes without saying that this blog spends a lot of time focusing on my wonderful baby, Q-ball.  But, this week I want to spend some time honoring my husband's and my first babies- our kitties, Barnum and Bailey!  And, don't worry, Grandparents, Q-ball will still be adequately represented. 
    Pets have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Many of my happy family memories include our first pets- Precious (our very cat-like Persian) and Mister Mister (our happy Toto dog.)  During the summers, I was also able to spend time with my extended family's cats and dogs.  However, having pets is not without risks.  My brother, sister, and I each had an ER trip as a result of a pet incident (two for me, actually...)
   So, husband and I were worried about bringing a baby into a household with two spoiled cats. But, we, fortunately, have not had any problems.  It has been fun to watch the relationships between the kitties and Q-ball change over the past 8 months. Barnum, our dog-like cat, was not interested in Q-ball until recently.  On the other hand, Bailey, our cat-like cat, used Q-ball to get extra attention for herself.  She would use Q-ball as her pillow during early breastfeeding sessions, so that I could more easily show Bailey affection.  
   Q-ball started to notice Barnum and Bailey's existence when she was around 3.5 months.  At about tail pull number 20, Bailey stopped joined us for feedings and has pretty much avoided Q-ball since. When Q-ball started crawling, she started fruitlessly chasing the kitties. And, to my disappointment, trying to jump off of furniture like they do, a habit that has yet to stop.  
   But, Q-ball and Barnum have started to become good friends.  For about the past month, Barnum has started rubbing against Q-ball and letting her pet him.  This week, Barnum has been especially patient and loving of his newest sister. Q-ball has taken to punching him in the stomach, aggressively pulling his tail and whiskers, and wrestling with him.  But, he seems to enjoy it, or at least put up with it because he knows he'll get extra affection from me, and Q-ball will share her toys with him.

   So, this week is dedicated to the following:
Utz, Stella, and Bella
  • Barnum's patience with Q-ball 
  • Mr. Utz, my family's dog who recently passed away  
  • Dr. L-E, a newly appointed veterinarian and wonderful family friend

Come back to read about to to safely have kids and pets, the benefits of pets, attachment theory and animals, and lots of pictures!

Do you have pet memories from your childhood?  How do your pets interact with your children?  I'd love to hear your stories!

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