Monday, November 7, 2011

I did it! Cleanin' Cloth Diapers by Hand

We are in the midst of a move.  So, I knew that we would be without easy access to a washer and dryer for awhile (currently 10 days...)  But, I had planned to used cloth diapers throughout the process.  Or, I thought I had.  I made a few grossly inaccurate assumptions.  Actually, just one- that my home-owning, nearly 40-year-old cousin with whom we would be staying for 2 nights owns a washer and dryer.  

Upon arrival, I discovered he didn't.  Then, I learned fact two- also does not own stopper for his tub.  I guess those things are easily lost.  So, we used disposables for two days.  And, I remembered why I hated them- they are stinky, and we have constant blow-outs. 

So, when we moved into a hotel, I wanted to get Q-ball back in cloth.  But, I hate hotel washers and certainly don't trust them with washing diapers.  So, I decided to handwash.  This was a bit of an impulse decision on my part (in my defense, I had some poopy diapers that were a few days old.)  I hadn't done any research on how to do it, and I really didn't have the right materials (detergent type, gloves, drying rack.)  But, before I knew it, the diapers were in the tub and my hands were jumping in right after them.  Thankfully, I have a patient husband.

It didn't seem to be a complete failure, but I have since bought some Rockin' Green (usually just use a free and clear) just to avoid possible chemical burn on hands and because I am more worried about build-up with this method.

So, if you are traveling and planning on using cloth diapers, here's some advice that should have probably been common sense: 
1) Make sure there's a washer.
2) Have a contingency plan, just in case.

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